Healthy MakeUp


Last week I went to a Young Living Beauty School class in Des Moines, Iowa, led by Sharon Raybern. She is the daughter of Debra Raybern, author of Gentle Babies, Master Herbalist and Young Living Royal Crown Diamond. Sharon has made it her task to search out and research healthy skin care and makeup. I was excited to get her take on which makeup to use.

I implicitly trust Young Living for skin care because it is as chemical-free as it gets, not to mention infused with essential oils.  These oils have been sought after and used for skin care for 1000’s of years dating back to the Egyptians, who were highly tuned into this area of concern.

Young Living does carry lip gloss (which I LOVE – it has an oil on one end and the gloss on the other end) and word has it they will come out with a tinted moisturizer and possibly a mascara in the future.  But as for now, Sharon recommends these 3 lines of makeup:

I was doubly excited that I was already using Jane Iredale. Thanks Sharon for all your hard work figuring this out :)

I thought this was an excellent video on the hazards of root canals by Dr. Mercola.  I had two and over the last couple of years had them both removed and replaced with a bridge.  Very happy that they are out of my mouth!


Michael Hyatt recommends this tip while working on your computer or at your desk.  It is a website called Focus At Will.  It plays background music for the purpose of productivity.  There are a number of categories.  I’ve tried several and so far my favorite is called Alpha Chill.  There is a free 30-day trial period (which I’m in) and then you pay $5 a month to use it.  So far I like it!