A few days ago, I was standing outside in the driveway.  It was a very pretty day.  The beginning of spring.  I was just looking around at the sky and the trees and as I stood there I had this sort of strange thought or vision.   I’m not sure what it was, but it felt like….like a glimpse into heaven.  It sort of seemed that time had just stopped for a moment.

I saw myself in heaven, after I had lived a long life, looking back down over my life and the chance I was given “at life.” And I was asking myself the question “Why was I such a chicken?”  “Why didn’t I just say and do exactly what I had worked so many years to think and believe, and not worry if this person or that person MIGHT be offended.  I had my chance.  My chance of 100 years, more or less, to really make a difference in the world.  And I succumbed to the thorn in my side that others provided.  To the opinions others had of who I was, how I lived my life, the choices I made, the words I chose to use and the tone I might have had.

And evil, that force that does not want me to bring light or help or an idea to the souls of this earth that crave it, was satisfied.  Evil thought he had done a good job.  Those thoughts that he’d planted into the heads of the people who came upon my path and got me off the course God had set for me, had done their job nicely.  Thank you very much.  Not to mention the thoughts evil had dropped into my own mind and I had allowed to take hold.

And so…….I was distracted by the earthly.  By the dailyness of silly, unimportant minutia.   Words and actions of others that weren’t part of God’s plan for me.  Better said:  I allowed myself to be distracted by the things of this world.  I allowed a diversion from my course, my destiny, my adventure, my purpose, the reason God sent me here with these particular gifts and abilities.  I allowed evil to penetrate my world, when all along, at any moment, I had always had the power to send it away.  To correct my course.  To steer straight again.  Just like Dorothy could have gone home at any time with the whisper of a few words.  Jesus.

Whooooossshhhhh!  Back down to earth.

The wonderful thing about getting older is we start to care less and less about what other’s think of us.  Haven’t you spoken to amazing older men or women (the kind you want to be like) that were set in their ways and beliefs and didn’t give a whit about what anyone thought?

And just when I was looking for something good about aging as I saw another wrinkle in the mirror the other day, God provided me with this little experience.

You are, indeed, an awesome God.