The pic above is Sally and me.  Still in Ethiopia.  Our first night.   Flummoxing. 6 weeks after coming home with Sally. Selamawit. She is precious, happy and a good eater. The sleeping has me off kilter though. Yes, it is a gap year. A new baby born or adopted, a major move. It’s […]

Chaos and Order – 6 Weeks After Coming Home From Ethiopia

My dear daddy died in May 2005.  He had cancer.  Sometime during that next year I had a dream about him.   He was dead in the dream but he had come back to talk to me.  We were standing in the driveway of the house I live in now (my parent’s old house) and he […]

Ethiopian Adoption – Faith is the Substance

Update:   I wrote this about 20 months ago, but just couldn’t publish it until we got a lot closer to fruition.  We are very close now.  So here is the beginning of this new story about the new life of a little girl. August 25, 2009 My husband and I just made a very […]

Ethiopian Adoption – How it all started

Stress.  Why are we stressed? I don’t like it and I don’t want it. There. I have had so many women, homeschooling and not, talk about this subject over the years, that I am compelled to discuss it in a little more depth. We are all attempting to do something (raise a family) that has […]

Stop Running Around & Stay Home

Hi guys, Just wanted to quickly show you something I have been doing with my Bible lately.  I really do like reading these verses from the actually Book versus from my iPhone or a piece of paper, though those will certainly do in a pinch.  I got this from my good friend Jen.  Thanks sis!

Post-it Note Those Healing Verses