We have been homeschooling for about 9 years.  What that means is when our first daughter (now 12) was 3, I was researching and buying curriculum.  Now today, I would just tell a mama that had a 3 year old to relax,  have fun and read about other homeschoolers in your spare time.  Don’t get […]

4 Reasons I Love This Year’s HomeSchool Curriculum – Sonlight

I suppose since I have a 6 year old son, I am slightly tuned into the Lego world. Lego construction is most definitely his favorite activity.  He is still only marginally interested in reading, but I know something deep down is going on, some kind of brain-synapse-thing, with these legos.  That is why I put […]

Legos of Downtown Oklahoma City

On this wall, we have some nice white boards (dry erase markers always in a safe with a Ft. Knox lock)  Just kidding!  And on the left, that is a genealogy for Jesus.  I love charts and timelines. Homeschoolers LOVE to see how and where other homeschoolers do school.  We want details.  EXACTLY where do […]

Our School Room At Home

I Never Liked History In School It consisted of memorizing meaningless dates and reading boring textbooks.  “Who cared,” I thought.  Nor do I remember a history teacher that brought it to life.  (Thank goodness I married a college history major)

Dr. Rufus Fears and Notes For The History Challenged Among Us

I am going to do an experiment.  It is with one of my children.  Scary?  Oh, not really.  After, I guess I would say, 8 years of homeschooling, I have now seen (and read many, many testimonials) that whether you do formal, regimented school at home or not, the children are going to learn.  Period.  […]

Math For The Uninspired Child