Hi guys!  Are you ready for Part 2?  If you missed Part 1 of “What I Bought at the Homeschool Conference,”  check it out here. (This is a picture of the lunch/snack area at the Homeschool Convention.)

$What I Bought….$ Part 2

People filing out of the keynote speech into the vendor area. I just got back from one of my two favorite yearly weekends away. The Annual Homeschool Conference. It is always the first weekend in May. All day Friday and Saturday at the downtown Cox Convention Center Arena. We spend the night in a downtown […]

$What I Bought At The Homeschool Conference$ Part 1

Pink Perfection Tulip Ok.  We are here today to decrease homeschool stress  Alright?  Are you with me? I Have Some Questions For You Are you trying to teach your children science out of a curriculum, a workbook, something off the computer?  What I’m really asking is, are you regularly, say daily or weekly, trying to […]

Science: Easy and Fun

Ohhh, school is not going so well today.  Let’s just make cookies instead. I’m really not sure what kind of homeschooling Mom I would call myself. Definitely not structured. Maybe a little eclectic. Maybe a little classical. Maybe a little Charlotte Mason. Maybe a little unschooling. But then it also depends on the child. I […]

Elementary Necessities

Emma, 11, at her desk which shares a room with the baby changing table near the laundry room. Well, my, my.  This is quite the subject.  I’m just going to talk about a few things I say to people who tell me they have been thinking about homeschooling, but really don’t see how they could […]

Home Education, Interested?