Our First House.  Built in 1939. 3 Houses I didn’t intend on talking about home renovation because it is not prominent on my radar screen right now.  But the truth is, it comes and goes.  My husband and I have renovated three 1939 homes over the last 17 years.  On one hand we really enjoy […]

Freedom and White Woodwork

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Luke at St. Basil’s Cathedral.  Moscow, Russia. This is the story of our adoption journey to Russia for our fourth child, Luke. To be fruitful and multiply Let me say first that deep down Matthew and I wanted another child.  We did not adopt just because it was the right thing to do or out […]

Adoption Journal Part 1

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Isn’t he just “total guy” with the elbow up and the jeans and she is “all girl” pretty in pink and snuggled up. Hi there!  It’s so nice to see you!   I am knee-deep in figuring out how to build this website, so please excuse my computer and me while we finish.  Or at least […]

Welcome to my home, I mean site!

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