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A. Join Young Living as a WHOLESALE MEMBER, then you will get a 24% discount off all products.

B. You can now login anytime and order whatever you want. If you want to get REALLY intentional about your lifestyle, then join ESSENTIAL REWARDS and bring whatever products you choose into your home on a monthly basis. BONUS: This gets you lots of FREE Promo items each month, lets you rack up points quickly to buy more AND gets you cheaper shipping!

C. Be a healthy, boss, rock star woman!! (or man :)

become a member of young living

So you are ready to join the movement of living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle?
No problem!! It is super easy!! And fun!!

choose your starter kit

choose your starter kit

Everyday Essential Oils Kit and Diffuser

Thieves Home Product Line Kit

Ningxia Red Antioxidant & Energy Shots Kit

Savvy Minerals Makeup Kit

or A Customized Kit ….. Get the Basic Kit and add whatever you want!

The CBD Kit

the whole home

Young Living has something for everyone. It’s never been easier to replace everything in your home with their gorgeous, all natural products for every room in the home!

This line has most of the cleaning products you need around the home: All purpose cleaning concentrate, laundry detergent, hand soaps, dish soap, disinfectant spray and hand sanitizers to name a few.


Need energy, stamina, focus and strength? This line is for you. Ningxia is a world-wide favorite and many top performers endorse Nitro!


If you have kid, this line makes going all-natural super easy! From shampoos and lotions to toothpaste and vitamins: there is something for all the littles in the home!


For all the babies in your life, the Seedlings line covers all the baby needs! Moms everywhere love the oil for baby’s scalp, the mild and gentle shampoo, the wipes for even the most sensitive skin and diaper rash cream as well!


When our pores are hot and wet in the shower, we absorb more of the molecules of whatever we are putting on our skin! Thus the importance of all natural shampoos, conditioners and body washes! There are also amazing lotions and creams that everyone loves and a huge favorite is the Thieves line of toothpaste, mouthwash and floss!


Skincare is as important as any other products we put on our skin! Enjoy the ART skincare line! Some of our favorites are the Foaming Face Wash, ART Toner, ART Light (everyday) Moisturizer, Sheerlume cream, and the ART Renewal Serum! Your skin will GLOW ladies!


Young Living stole our hearts with their new outdoor line that includes sunscreen, after sun lotion and bug repellant!


This is an all natural mineral makeup that’s free of talc, synthetics, and harmful ingredients that we should all avoid! From foundations and blushes to lipsticks and eyeshadows, every woman will feel gorgeous in this barely-there, amazing coverage makeup line!


From oils to shampoo and pet chews to ointment, this line is sure to please our furry friends, too!


Young Living has dozens of single oils, sourced from their natural habitats all over the world on their own farms, partner farms and co-op farms that all ascribe to the internationally recognized Seed-to Seal guarantee that is upheld by the pillars of Sourcing, Science and Standards. You’ll fall in love with their cornerstone essential oil line!


Young Living selects unique combinations of single oils and blends them to create their world class blended oils. This enhances the power and versatility of using single oils alone.


This is a must for busy families! Pre-made roller bottles of some of our favorite blends and pre-mixed massage oils in a V-6 carrier oil for easy application.


Young Living supplements are life changing! So many people think that vitamins and supplements are a waste of time, energy and money – and that’s true for most on the market. However, Young Living sources their ingredients from the best and most whole sourcing options available, and they add essential oils, so you’re getting great ingredients and better blood absorption. You will notice a huge change in your overall health.


Young Living is dedicated to bringing us better options in every aspect of our journey, even in the kitchen! With products like Einkorn Flour, gluten- free options, and sweeteners that can be used instead of refined sugars, we can get the most from our food and enjoy it the way nature intended it.


3 steps

Get your oils, Thieves, Ningxia, Makeup, CBD or other products out. Be sure to check the box well to make sure you find all of the wonderful samples! And check out your welcome book. If you didn’t get one, let me know!

Once you get your Starter Kit there are 3 simple steps to get going…

step 1

- Start diffusing immediately: our favorites are Thieves, Lemon, Lavender, Stress Away, Purification and Peppermint. I also love 1/2 lavender and 1/2 purification. Mmmmmm. So nice! There are TONS of diffuser recipe blends.

- Put a couple drops of lemon in a glass of water each morning and evening.

- Apply frankincense, stress away or lavender to the crown of your head, chest, wrists, back of neck or temples. Use digize for digestive support and pan-away for occasional aches.

NOTE: if you get oils in your eye, use a dry cloth and coconut or olive oil and wipe away from your eye. Don’t use water.  

if you got an oils kit...

- Drink a couple of ounces in a shot glass or cup of juice or water each morning. I love to add a few drops of lemon and orange oil and sometimes cinnamon oil too. Yum!

- Take a Ningxia packet with you through the day for a pick-me-up or to give to children.

- Drink a Nitro before work or for that afternoon slump - one of my favorite products!!

if you got a ningxia kit...

- Grab an empty spray bottle from a local store and mix a cap or 2 of Thieves Cleaner and water in the bottle. (Ditch the toxic stuff!)

- Use Thieves Oil with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) on the bottoms of everyone’s feet every night!

- Swap out your soaps, sprays and sanitizers!

if you got a thieves home kit...

Sit down with your gorgeous new makeup, click on one of a ton of YouTube videos and watch how easy it is to use it. LOVE that you are now even healthier wearing your makeup. It's GOOD for your skin!

if you got a makeup kit...

Why? Because let’s be honest… You didn’t join Young Living just for a Starter kit…It’s a lifestyle you’re after! A healthy, more natural, Chemical-Free, Feel Amazing, Look Awesome Lifestyle!

If you want you and your family to be healthier, let’s take some baby steps to replace the stuff in your house!

Essential Reward Highlights:

- earn 10% back the first 3 months
- earn 20% back for the 4th to 24th months
- earn 25% back for months 25 and on
- discounted shipping
- extra free products in Young Living’s monthly promotions
- loyalty oil gift for month 3, 6, 9, 12 and annually

The Details

- the order must be 50pv
- you can change the order month to month
- you can redeem your point at any time by placing a quick order and using them dollar for dollar!!
- you can move your shipment date around anytime during each month
- you can end Essential Rewards at any time
- there are no fees to join and no penalties to end 

step 2

join essential rewards

Getting a Starter kit is just the beginning. Your decision to make a change in your life by bring Young Living into your home is just plain and simple, SMART! There is a whole lot to this company - over 25 years in business, the leader, the original, the best of the best, started by the man known as the Father of the Modern Day Essential Oil Movement.  

Here are ways to engage with our community:

Facebook: We have 2 very active and FUN Facebook groups. One is dedicated to product education and the other for those interested in growing a side hustle or an entire career. Have your sponsor add you to our group called Essential Truth and friend Allison here

Instagram: Follow Allison on Instagram. She does lots of Stories with great tips and tricks and videos on many aspects of natural health. 

Youtube: Follow Allison on Youtube for more videos on natural health.

Books: Find tons of books and resources about essential oils and natural remedies at

step 3

embrace the movement

Be very excited because CBD does so many amazing things for the body. Drop some under your tongue, rub on the muscle rub topically, and roll the Calm Roller on your inner wrists. Ahhhhhhhh.

if you got a cbd kit...

- Get those products out and put them to use!

- Trash the old junky toxic products and make a real change in your home!

if you got a customized kit...

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