I’m so glad you’ve come by for a visit.  I’m a homeschooling mama of about 17 years, a wife of 20. I love discussing the things we are teaching our children with you too. Those things include homeschooling, international adoption, natural health – spirit, soul and body, encouraging people to use their God-given gifts and abilities to fulfill their purpose in the world AND make a living doing it!  I also love figuring out residual, passive and multiple streams of income so that we can all just calm down and make a good difference in the people’s lives God has put before us.  Can’t do that if we are stressed out :)

As much as the internet has become the single most difficult part of raising children not addicted to something, an online presence and social media can be a wonderful, huge part of growing businesses and streams of income, soooo….. as the future unfolds, you will see those kinds of things (in addition to our real-life, family stuff) talked about here and on my social media platforms.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest mostly.

Just Practicing

But first, let me say one thing: I do not have this stuff down perfectly AT ALL. I read and research a lot! And I recommend you do the same. For instance in the natural health arena I like to say we all have to be our own “health detective!” I also get to practice in my home laboratory :) And I’m just trying every day, like you, to do the best I know how at any one moment. When I mess up, I get back up and try again.  Thank God for a new day every day!

In addition, there is nothing new under the sun. Many of my thoughts and ideas are gleaned from other sources, so I don’t take credit for originality.  It is my hope and plan to give credit wherever appropriate.

The Business Part

On this site and sometimes other social media sites, you will see several of my passive income strategies, and ways you can do the same.  One is Young Living Essential Oils.  I’ve been daily using these oils, chemical free home and energy products for about 6 years now.  They have literally changed my life, my health and my families health and SO 2 years ago, I decided to start teaching classes (locally and online) about living a natural healthy lifestyle using these products PLUS a lot of other great ideas and lifestyle habits.  I discuss ALL of those things online.

Because we live in a new day and a new age I like to call the Sharing Age (after the Information Age) you NEED income streams like this.  Find a product you LOVE and the rest is easy.  In my groups, I and others teach you how to grow these businesses and really wind up with an income that will support your family, your dreams, and the abundant life that God wants for you.

Another idea for you that I recently started is an Amazon store. It was mostly to put all in one place the things I use that work really well for me. People are always asking where I got this or that and yes, I’m a big Amazon shopper, so it’s a natural.  You will receive a small affiliate fee from Amazon if people purchase items through your link.  It costs them no more.  Amazon is just giving you a cut because you “shared it.”  See?  And don’t feel bad about any of this.  This is the day and time we live in.  You are helping others with the research you have done.  There is great value in that!

Just start researching multiple, residual streams of income and you will find a lot out there.

So…back to this site, when I started it in 2010, and where we are now

The name of this website used to be Girl Returns Home.com with a tag line of “A girl travels the world in search of what she needs and returns home to find it.”   (A quote by George Augustus Moore (1852-1933)  He was an Irish Novelist.  He had the word “man” in there instead of “girl.”)   This name came from this fact:  I have been married 20 years, am in the process of raising 5  babes with my husband and all of this after “returning home” to the small prairie town on the plains where I grew up, after being seriously into my TV career out in LA, THEN returning home to the house I grew up in, AND returning home to Jesus after a decade and a half detour. RETURNING HOME became the theme of my life!

But there is a little more to the story.

21 Years Ago

I was sitting in my car at a light on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles (that’s in the “valley”).  I was in total angst about deciding whether to move back to my little prairie town in middle America to be with the man of my dreams I’d met only a few months earlier, or stay in LA with my big career I’d spent the last 16 years cultivating.

God Was Talking

I was deep in thought about what to do with my life when I looked up at the marquee on a church lawn and that quote about “returning home” was staring me in the face.  img_0751That’s when it all hit me.  I grabbed an ABC-TV envelope that was sitting in the front seat (that is where I was working) and scribbled it down real fast.  That was the turning point.  I have that envelope framed.  I’m so glad I didn’t throw it away.

If you want to read a bit more about how I met my husband, his lawyer job, our family and other personal things, click here.  It’s the short story :)


Blogs, like people, evolve over time.  If I have said to someone once, I’ve said it 500 times – “Well, it’s just a paradigm shift,” whether discussing educating kids at home, deciding to adopt, changing how we eat or how we use alternative methods of healing – like essential oils or kefir or raw milk or colloidal silver, and the list goes on.  So now, paradigm shifting seems to be the theme.  And I like paradigm shifts.  How boring would life be without them.  It’s like moving the furniture :)

I hope you enjoy being here.   I love hearing your comments and questions, so please join in on the conversation!

God Bless You!


Comment on any post and I will respond, or email me at Allison@AllisonMcCuneDavis.com