I’m fascinated with longevity, with centenarians and with creating a lifestyle of optimal health and passion for what we do daily. My driving force is always looking for what God intended for our lives. What is the natural thing to do in any circumstance?

EVERYTHING is ALL about our lifestyle! Eating, drinking, sleeping, moving, thoughts, mindset, emotions, self care, a spiritual connection and the list goes on. Learning the basics is not hard and creating new habits is very doable. It’s simply a matter of desire.

I want to help you live a more natural, healthy life. 

hello, I'm allison

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I’ve been on this path for 25-30 years now, learning more and more each day. It has been my superpower when it comes to how I’ve gestated, adopted and raised my children, wifed my husband and generally bossed my friends around. Haha! Don’t worry. It’s all in love! 

It is essential to have accountability and hang out with other people that are doing these same things. I have an awesome private community with amazing leaders who have profound knowledge. We love being on this journey together and would absolutely LOVE for you to join us! Send me a message!! (Link to contact page)

I also LOVE to help people with the idea of residual income. Income while you sleep. Income not dependent on trading your hours for dollars, but based on your passion. This is how true wealth is created and when you have wealth you can do even greater things in the world. You can move mountains for other people. You can make a difference in lives.

I particularly love leveraging the power of video and social media. I was a TV/Film Production major in college, had a TV career in LA before coming home to the small prairie town where I grew up to get married and make babies. Even though I’ve been heavy into the natural home-economist life, TV production has always been in my blood. Now, of course, it’s social media. The ability to reach people on a massive scale is incredible and we are living in the days of the Social Media Gold Rush. Now is the time to strike!

All of these things are wonderful AND balancing them with our Number 1 priority - our families - is the key to deep joy and satisfaction. Finding that balance, that perfect give and take is what I ultimately seek!   

I am the wife of 23 years to a like-minded entrepreneur, a mama of 5 beautiful children ages 9 to 21. 3 bios and 2 adopted from Russia and Ethiopia. I’ve had VBAC home births, homeschooled for 20 years (though some are recently in other schools - finding the right fit for each child, ya know!) and researched out the wazoo all the good things.

So if you are interested in natural health, creating a beautiful, healthy home and family, and/or becoming a rock star entrepreneur from the comfort of your own home - teaching others what you have learned - I’m your gal. Because guess what? There are soooooo many people out there that need to know what you know!

Subscribe to my blog. Come find me on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Send me a message. Let’s get to know each other. I love my community and we have a whole lot of fun. I always say “If it isn't fun, why in the world would we do it!”