Quad-Parallel Bible

Hi guys,

Just wanted to quickly show you something I have been doing with my Bible lately.  I really do like reading these verses from the actually Book versus from my iPhone or a piece of paper, though those will certainly do in a pinch.  I got this from my good friend Jen.  Thanks sis!

This is my Bible that has 4 versions in it.  I like this because I can quickly see how the original King James said it, how the Amplified says it with more descriptive words and how the NIV (the first version I ever had and  still my favorite) says it.  The 4th version is the NASB.

I got these purple rectangular shaped post-it notes with the sticky stuff on the far right (short side) of the post-it note, and marked each healing verse from the 40 verses I talked about in this post A Miraculous Story of Healing.


There are more healing verses, but I’m starting with these.  Next I will continue with other favorite, helpful verses in different colors to differentiate from the specific “healing” verses.

I wrote on the post-it note the purpose of that verse (which you will find for the 40 Healing verses in my other post referenced above)

and then highlight the verse.

I truly believe these Words that God has given us are the key to our health and joy in life.  I’d sure hate to stand up there and have him say “I gave you everything you needed.  Why didn’t you use it?”

God Bless You and take time for these things.  I say that to myself as much as to anyone else.