Mom:  Henry, it’s time to put your clothes away.  Remember, shirts in the top drawer, pants in the middle drawer and pj’s in the bottom drawer.

Great.  You’re doing a good job.  Keep it up!


Mom walks out of the room.

Henry:  Hey, what’s this?

Henry:  A toy.  Cool.

Henry:  I must play with this toy now.

Henry:  Yes, this is very important.

Henry:  Ooo.  That’s a nice red shirt he has on.

Henry:   Cool!  He stretches apart!

Henry:  Oh, and he can be my glasses.

Henry:  I must explore this further.

Mom:  Henry…..(from other room) Now that you’re done, come down here and let’s do the next thing.

H:  Can someone please tell me why we have to have clothes anyway?

God Bless My Boys and Yours!