Matt and menu

This is my favorite picture of Matt in Russia.  Perplexed by the menu.

Tuesday night, August 28th, 2007

Andrei came by at 6pm tonight.  He gave us Ilya’s new Russian passport with his new name on it in Russian.  Ilya Neyl Devis. I guess that is how they spell it in Russia.  That was exciting.  We walked down the street to dinner. We forgot the Russian translation book and no one spoke English so we just pointed to some pictures.  It turned out to be good pizza; wonderful crust with all kinds of random ingredients on it.  We walked back to the hotel and again stopped for that awesome ice cream!  Hey, we are doing lots of walking so hopefully that will help.

We Will Take Nothing But The Clothes On His Back

Tomorrow we have a free day.  We might do a little shopping.  We need to get socks and shoes for Ilya.  He will take nothing with him from the orphanage.  We will bring his new clothes and dress him there and we will take him with us tomorrow afternoon.  I plan on asking the orphanage workers all the questions I can think of about him.  Foods and drinks he likes.  Nap time and bed time routines (probably not much of one), does he like the stroller, etc.

Feeling A Little Nerval and Excital

I must say I feel a little nervous, almost like a first-time mom.  I remember being in the hospital with Emma, our oldest, when I had the c-section and when we were about a day from coming home, I was astounded that they were going to let us take this baby home.  I mean, we didn’t know what to do with her.  Don’t we need some kind of training or something?  That’s what I’ve kind of been thinking today.  My goodness, we don’t even know what he will do or be like or how to keep him happy etc, etc.  BUT, I know it will all be ok and I must say I am thankful that Matt will be here to help carry him around  :)  My precious pack-mule :)

We will also give gifts to the orphanage workers that worked in his room and took care of him for this last year.  We understand that cash in an envelope is best.  They are all so sweet and I imagine there will be tears tomorrow.

Ok, I’m going online to order a playpen from Target now.  More later.

Love, Allison


  1. Catherine says:

    I don’t know why, but every time I read another installment of your adoption story, I cry because my heart is so touched! I hope that precious little boy will realize deep in his heart some day as a grown man how much two people loved him and SOUGHT him out…how truly loved and wanted he was and is!! What special people ya’ll are!! God Bless!

  2. lisa says:

    Hi, your story is very close to ours. We adopted our son in 2003 in Stavopol. Same interpeter (great guy), same attorney, same orphanage maybe the same room. We tried again in 2008 to adopt two sisters from Stavopol, but their Aunt came forward to adopt them. Your story brought back fond memories, thank you for sharing. Lisa

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