In an effort to finish getting this journal onto the website, I’m going to dispense with pictures for now.  We have a new adoption journey to start writing about!

Sunday, Sept 2, 10:30am

Well, yesterday Luke slept 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in
the afternoon.  I think he is making up for a few days of not so
great naps.  We ventured out yesterday for a 20 minute walk down
to the Moscow river.  It really has turned chilly and windy so we
want to be careful with him.  It is definitely important to get
out of the room.  Oye!

On my two hour outing yesterday while Matt and Emma  stayed in the
room with Luke, I went walking and got 3 DVDs in Russian – Cars, Happy Feet
and Winnie the Pooh.  He should like those.  Then I went into a
department store and bought 2 feety PJ’s, a hat and scarf.  Still
need maybe one warmer outfit for him to feel good about venturing
out more.

Then I went to the fancy grocery store across the street.  I met a
Russian lady in the baby food section.  She spoke a little English
and she helped me figure some things out.  I got a box of bifidus.
Yeah!  Lets get that immune system stronger.  He loved it is the
great news.   Then she said, “I have car.  I take you to pharm and help you.”
She seemed very nice and it was tempting to go, but I did not.

Next I met a couple in their 50’s in the dairy section, from
Canada.  He worked in the Canadian Embassy and they loved hearing
all about our adoption experience.  It’s easy to get into these
conversations because you are always saying to someone, “Do you
speak English,” then someone next to you will say, “I do – can I
help you?” etc, etc.  I would love to have hung out with these people
for a while.

In our lobby, I also met the orchestrator for the
music for the new Vegie Tales movie.  And earlier I met some other
people doing music for another movie.  Apparently they all come here to
work with Mosc-Film.  Even with travel and hotel they can record
their music tracks for movies with the Moscow Symphony for 1/2 the
price as in America.

Terrible grammar and spelling here but I’m rushing because I’m
paying too much to use the internet.  Our laptops, for some reason, have
stopped working in the lobby or that other cafe.  I need to search
for another internet cafe.  Right now I’m in the business office of a
fancy hotel across the street from our hotel.

Our goal for today after the morning nap, is to get to the
Tretyakov museum by taxi.  Metro is too germ ridden for me with
this new little boy.  Usually I’m all about dirt and germs strengthening their
immunes systems, but I’m just not there at this moment.  Ok, I’m going to
be obsessive about it for now.  Thank you very much.

By the way, have I mentioned how much I love having a baby again: )
He is so sweet and I can’t keep from kissing him all the time.

More soon.  Love you all.

Monday, Sept 3, 2007

Today is Labor day here so there are things closed, like the US
Embassy etc.  Yesterday was a good day because we got out of the
room all together.  After Luke’s morning nap we got him fed and
bundled up and put in the Ergo (the latest, greatest baby carrier
that is ergonomically wonderful.)  He is not crazy about it for
long periods, but for a while it’s ok.  Obviously he just isn’t used
to be carried like that for a long time.   We took the stroller
too.  Got in a cab and drove to the Tretyakov Museum.  What a
wonderful museum.  We went last time we were here but only had
about an hour to see a small part of it.  It is art from about the
14th century on.  Tretyakov lived in the 1800’s and just amassed this
collection that he always intended on giving to the state.  He
would always say “we are collecting for the nation.”

We got there around 1pm which normally would have been about the
time Luke would have gone to sleep.  This was an experiment to see
if he would sleep on the go in the carrier or in the stroller.
Neither worked.  We ate lunch in the cafe and walked around some
more and finally Luke was creating a big disturbance crying in the
museum.  Of course everyone is staring at us.  Very nice.  So we
went back to the cafe and I stayed with Luke so Matt and Emma
could go back to looking at the museum.  Finally after a good hour
or more he sacked out on the booth seat.  It was soft material and
he had to do his rocking thing back and forth on his hands and
knees to get to sleep.  He finally surrendered to the sleep at
5pm.  Then I got to go out for a little bit while Matt sat with

We left the museum at 6pm and got a taxi back to the room.  It was
nice to be back to the room and away from the cold, cruel world.
Concrete, noise, ugh.  I love living in Enid!

After Luke went to sleep last night I finished watching the old
movie with Vivien Leigh that I brought with me, Anna Karinana
written by Tolstoy.  It was great all taking place in St.
Petersburg and Moscow.  But so sad.  I’m also reading A Farewell To
Arms.  Matt finished it and is now reading My Antonia.

Today our goal is to get on a boat on the Moscow River after Luke
wakes up from his nap and take it over to the Kremlin (Russia’s
Washington DC – government)  and see what’s up there.  It is a
beautiful sunny day.  Still a little cool though. (see videos)

I gave Luke another bath today.  I think the only bath he has
ever had is when they would just hold him under the water and
wash him off.  I don’t think he has ever just sat in the water.  He
cries at first, but just for a minute, then he likes it, but is
sort of stymied by it.

This morning I walked down the Arbat (the street that is the
pedestrian outdoor mall area) looking for an internet cafe.  I
said, Father just show me an internet cafe quickly here, please,
in Jesus name.  Literally right after that I heard a guy speaking
English to two (turns out) Armenian girls and I said, “You speak
English, I see?”  “Yes,” he said.  I said, “Do you have any idea where
an internet cafe is?”  He said, “That is exactly what I’m looking
for.  These two girls are helping me find one.”  “Great,” I said, “I
will follow along if that is ok.”  “Sure.”  Nice girls, sisters.  He
was 40ish and looked like a roughed up Mel Gibson.  Very rough.
He was going to the Mongolian Embassy.  Just traveling from Venice
all across Asia to China, Vietnam etc.  Just for about 4 months or
so.  What a deal.  We found the internet cafe and I would not have
noticed it at all if I hadn’t run in to them.  It was all in
Russian and through a little side door off the main street and
down some stairs.  Some might say that was coincidence, but it
happens all the time.

Time to go buy some more diapers, baby food and water.  Matt says
we are running a nursery in our hotel room.  It’s true.  Love you
all.  Talk to you soon.



  1. Mayme says:

    When I was in Novaseberst(sp) the capital of Siberia I was buying some nick nacks and this amercian says where are you from I say NE he goes really. Then I say well orginally I am from Enid Oklahoma he said I knew that was a Okie accent he was from Norman Oklahoma. I also loved those chance meeting with cool people. Another adoption journey it will be as unique and as wonderful as this….

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