Wed Sept 5th 7:30pm

We leave the hotel tomorrow morning at 9:30am.  Our flight leaves
at 1pm.  I guess it is a good hour to the airport.  We still have
some to pack.  We will be in Wichita Thursday night and may spend the
night and come back to Enid early Friday morning.

Today we will talk about poop.  I know lots of you don’t want to
hear about this so just skip on down, but I feel the need to
record it and talk about it.  It’s a mom thing.

He was pooping fine to begin with.  Then I wanted to try soy milk, because I
thought that would help with the nose congestion.  I gave him only
one bottle of it.  I think it made him constipated which I later
remembered also happened to Henry at about that age.  So over the
past few days I’ve tried every kind of other milk – various cows
milk which he HAS been drinking but wouldn’t now.  Also goat’s milk
– hated that.  So he has basically been drinking diluted juice.
Well over the last 24 hours he has made up for being constipated.
He has pooped probably 8 times and now has diaper rash and we are
about to have to be on a long plane ride.  Please pray that this diaper rash
is completely gone by morning.  He is not happy about it and I’ve
had him diaperless for the last 4 hours in our room.  He has peed
on the floor about 6-8 times and pooped on a towel once.  I’m
laughing out loud here (and people are looking) thinking of you
all reading this detailed account of poop.  Especially any guys.

Today Matt and Emma went to the Kremlin on an organized tour for 3
hours.  That was this afternoon.  They had a great time.  I stayed
in the room while Luke slept.  I finished my book, A Farewell to
Arms, while eating my room service Penne Arrabiata, drinking a
little red wine and some cake for dessert.  All the windows were
opened with a nice breeze.  Reading that book and eating that food
I felt like I was in Italy instead of Russia.  Then when Luke woke
up, he had poop in his diaper.  That didnt help, sleeping in it.

This morning Matt and Emma also went to the Consulate to register
Luke.  This is important for when we want to renew his passport.  If he
wasn’t registered it would be very difficult to renew apparently.  They
took the chocolate and wine to the officials and they were happy I

So we are off tomorrow.  It’s been a great trip, but I miss my
babies at home too.  Ive got to run get some diaper rash creme at
the store and then get back to the hotel room.  No telling what I
will find after giving Matt and Emma instructions to let him be
diaperless.  “You have to watch him carefully and anticipate his
poops.”  Yeah, right.

Love you all


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