Powder – Definitely Easier

I gave you a recipe for Liquid Laundry Detergent, about a year ago, but over the last 6 months or so, I have been making this powdered version thanks to various friends (Ladonna & Catherine!)who convinced me it was easier. They were right!  So much easier!

Easy Vs Chemicals In Our Bodies

And please, give me anything to get drudgery work done quickly, but not at the expense of one more chemical IN or ON my body. You know? It is a balancing act, that I think much about.

Heavy Lifting

Honestly though, I do not like lugging those huge heavy jugs of detergent home from the store. I would prefer to buy bars of soap and boxes of borax at various times when I run out. This really is a more pleasant experience all the way around.

The Directions – Just Do It – It Will Make You Happy :)

Here is the soap I use. Kirk’s Castile. I’ve heard that people also use Fels Naptha, Ivory and Zote.  I think I may try Zote next.  It’s quite a bit less expensive.

2 bars soap

4 cups borax

4 cups washing soda

And here are the only other two ingredients. Washing Soda (NOT baking soda) and Borax.

See, here they are on the store shelf. Usually together and easy to pick up.

For the recipe I use, you will grate 2 bars of soap. I always get one of my children to do it.


Sometimes we take turns grating while other things are going on in the kitchen. Hey, I will grate if one of the girls wants to load the dishwasher instead!

And here I have 4 cups of borax and 4 cups of washing soda together.

I like this plastic container on the left to keep the detergent in. It sits on top of the dryer.

So here is the soap, grated in the container it will live in.

Pour in the borax and washing soda.

Stir it up and you are done.

I keep this 1/8 cup measuring spoon in the container. You can literally use 1 Tablespoon on a light load.  I usually use the full 2 T scoop and sometimes 2.

Why All These Pictures?

Why in the world do I use all of these pictures for these posts. I will tell you. I learn visually. I mean, I probably learn 500% better if I see the pictures or a chart, than if someone just tells me something. I think that is why I am terrible at remembering names. Thank goodness my husband is not.

When My Eyes Glaze Over

Sometimes my husband will start telling me about somebody’s aunt’s sister’s husband related to the 2nd cousin’s daughter. Argh! Stop! I can’t take it! The only way I can even begin to comprehend what you are saying is if you will make me a chart, a family tree or something. But, alas, that usually takes too long, so “just give me the gist of the story, hon.” Anyway, that’s why.  And I’m guessing there are a lot of you out there like me.

Again, thanks for your time.   I know it is precious.

God Bless You all!


  1. Debby says:


    After reading your post, I rembered the article I read from the above blog. This may shed some light about the safety of Borax.

    God Bless,
    Debby Arnold

  2. Rachel says:

    What store do you purchase the washing soda from? I have tried doing this, several years back, and could not find all the ingredients anywhere. I did live in West Texas at the time though, maybe there are more resources here.


    • Allison says:

      I’ve purchased it at our local Jumbo Foods. I think I may have seen it at United, but could not promise and if I wanted to go to Kmart or Walmart I would call and ask first. I do that often and it saves a trip :)

  3. kate says:

    Hey Allison, Love the Pictures! Never need to apologize for showing exactly how it is done-so helpful! Next time we bump into each other remind me to tell you how I have been washing my hair. :)

    • Allison says:

      Kate – Thank you ! And that may be too long from now! LOL I am searching right now for a new healthy shampoo. Been experimenting with a homemade one this week. Not sure Im happy with it. Do tell :) Or email :)

  4. LOVE this recipe…we’ve done this powdered and liquid/gel/glop-style. I pulse the soap in the food processor until it’s fine and crumbly, as I can sometimes run short on willing graters.

    • Allison says:

      So funny you mention that. Just today I saw something showing someone grating the soap in the food processor. I had never thought of that! duh. Definitely gonna try that next time. Thanks!

  5. Catherine says:

    I just had to add here, since Caleb is our official “Laundry Soap Chef”, he has taken to using the Bosch food processor attachment to make shorter work and finer granules of the soap and then mixes all together! Though I think it is like learning to drive a standard BEFORE driving an automatic…get them to grating it “by hand” then they’ll certainly appreciate the “automatic” version of using a food processor!
    BTW, I really love the beautiful look all your photos give and how they accentuate the storyline! Always look forward to the next “installment”!

    • Allison says:

      That’s a great idea Catherine. Recently I did try grating the soap with the food processor, but I did not mix it all together in there. I like that idea. Thank you much! And thank you for your very nice compliments!

  6. elizabeth ann says:


    where did you find the borax and washing soda? i’ve been to two wal-marts and cannot find these products.

    elizabeth ann

    • Allison says:

      I have found both of these at our biggest local grocery in our town. Jumbo Foods. But, yes, not at our Walmart. So I would try a local grocery where you live. Also our local grocery will always order anything a person wants so maybe yours will too if they done carry it regularly. I’m sure you will find it somewhere. They are not that uncommon, and I WAS surprised Walmart didn’t have it.

  7. Michelle says:

    I grate my bar soap in the food processor. Sooo easy & fast! Then i use the chopping blade to reduce it further to a finer sz–this helps it dissolve faster in the wash :)

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