Our hotel room in Moscow.  It was quite nice and the only option left as Moscow hotels are always booked.

On our 2nd trip to Russia for our court date and to bring home 13-month-old Luke, our newest addition, I found internet cafes in Moscow and Stavropol.  I regularly sent emails back to our friends in the states and these became my journal.  The rest of these journal entries then, will be in the form of letters.  Our 9 year-old daughter, Emma, came with us.

Moscow, Saturday Aug 25, 2007

Hi Everyone,

We arrived in Moscow yesterday morning.

Our driver, translator and Matthew at the airport.

Ludmila, our translator and Matthew.  His shirt is unbuttoned because he stuck his passport wallet in there, which hangs around his neck.  Very convenient!.  This photo was also at the airport where you seem to be constantly showing your passport to someone.

The Flight

Our flight was fine on the way.  Neither Matt nor I slept.  Emma did for a few hours.  She watched the movie “Meet the Robinsons” on the flight.  It’s about a little adopted boy.  Interesting they would show that, in light of our mission.

The Arrival

After we arrived at the hotel yesterday at about noon, we took a 4-hour nap, then we got up at 5:30pm and walked along the Arbat (an outdoor pedestrian mall with restaurants, shops, artists, etc.)

The Arbat

Georgian Food For Dinner

We ate Georgian food for dinner at a wonderful restaurant on The Arbat.  Everyone recommended it.  That is, Georgian from the country Georgia that borders this region. Very yummy.  After that, we laid in bed and watched “Lord of the Rings” in Russian.  We went to sleep about 10:30pm and then Matt & I both woke at 3:30am.  He wrote and I just thought.

The Market

Today we’ve been to the Ismailovo Market.  I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of it.  It’s a huge famous outdoor market selling all kinds of things from rugs to souvenirs.  Afterward, we went to Gorky Park.  I thought it would be like Central Park, but it has all kinds of amusement park rides.  We spent lots of time on the subways which are really fun and beautiful.

This won’t be one of Matt’s favorite pictures (not that he is the least bit vain) but it shows off the subway nicely.  I apologize, babe!

Ready To Go

Right now, we are sitting in the lobby of our hotel for about an hour before our driver and translator take us to the airport for our flight to Stavropol.

We can use our laptops here in the lobby and just automatically hook up to the internet.  That always amazes me.  Last time we were in Stavropol we never did find an internet spot, but we also didn’t look very hard.  This time we will look since we will be here for so long.  Almost a month.

We will see our baby tomorrow sometime.  The preliminary hearing is on Monday and the court hearing is on Tuesday.  Wow! We love you all and will try to write again as soon as possible.




  1. Tracy G...South Carolina says:

    WOW! What an amazing story!!! I can’t wait to read the rest…your new beginning!!!

    I lucked up & found your Blog/Website…by “accident”.
    OR…”is it ODD or is it GOD”?

    Thank you for sharing your story! Tracy

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