About Us

The Beginning

Here’s the short story.  Raised in a small town in NW Oklahoma.  Went off to college in Texas.  Majored in TV/Film production. Worked in Texas a few more years then moved to LA for “the business.” Worked in various capacities as PBS producer and director for educational programs, assistant for special effects on shows like Star Trek – TNG, Max Headroom (anyone remember that?) and ended up as a Graphics Producer at ABC-TV for 5 years.

Meeting My Husband

Finally met my husband while visiting my hometown (it was his hometown too, but he was living in Washington DC at the time.)  We had a quick, intense romance and, long story – short, we agreed that moving back to Oklahoma to marry and raise babies would be a good thing.  We were tired of “the big city.”  So 9 months after our first date, we were married.

Starting out in a small town

Worked as the Director of the local access TV station for 3 years.  Then 4 months after baby #1 came, at age 37, I just had to quit. Felt like I was doing neither career, nor mom/wife justice at all.  At about the same time, husband’s career was just getting to the point that we could survive on one income.  Thank you God.

Having Babies

Since then, had VBAC baby #2 at home with a midwife (at age 40), VBAC baby #3 at home with midwife (at age 42), adopted baby #4 from Russia (at age 46), adopted baby #5 from Ethiopia (at age 50).  I put these ages in here to encourage any other older moms out there.  Today at age 55 with children ages 6-18 I feel better than I have in years because of a natural and healthy lifestyle.  You’ll hear more about that as you continue here :) Follow God’s leading even if it seems crazy. (Of course, assuming your husband is in agreement:)

Life Today

We homeschool.  I like to cook as healthy as possible, though we definitely have our treats and eat processed food if we’re in a pinch.  I’m totally into Young Living essential oils and using them for  health and healing.  We have had so much success with them over the last 5 years.  There is a area on the side bar to the right where you can learn more. I struggle to find time to exercise but have recently figured out some new tactics. Yeah!  I work hard to keep my God-time a priority, but I struggle with that too.  Managing it all is a constant thought on my mind and how to do it better.  Husband moved his law office to our home in late 2009.  Wow!  What a blessing.  And just 6 months ago (late 2015) he moved it to a big office, hired a bunch of employees and is off on another adventure of focusing on Family Business Law. He’s so cool!

The blog (what a weird word) and other stuff

I started this blog in 2009 to encourage other mama’s in the highest calling God has given us.  It is the hardest.  It is also the most rewarding.  It will be our legacy.  Years later, we will want to look back and think we did a pretty good job.  So I’m hoping we can all help each other achieve that.

And also to keep a journal of our life.  I can’t seem to write in my children’s journals regularly at all, which I really wish I did, AND our family photos are spread from here to kingdom come.  On paper, in bags and drawers and tons on my hard drive.  Definitely NOT in a scrapbook.  Creating these posts gives me at least a little semblance of order.

My husband

Davis 0110 2

The Attraction

Of course, his face is what attracted me to begin with, but it is his mind that has kept me stimulated and interested all these years.  I would have to say he is probably the most intelligent person I have ever closely known.   He is gentle and kind, yet can be a bear when he goes into battle.  I love that (when it is with his job – not me :).  His morals are beyond reproach yet, he is not legalistic in the least.  In fact, I would call him the opposite of that.

The God Factor

He believes in God strongly, in fact he is a big part of the story that brought me to Jesus about 15 years ago, though he never, ever pushed it.  He just simply gave me his opinions when I asked (And I asked alot because I was searching.)  Some would say he has the gift of knowledge, and there is also a side to him that is completely intuitive and able to speak real wisdom into people’s lives at just the right time.

As A Team

He is the flagpole to my flag.  He is the stability and long-term thinker to my spontaneous and quick-decision doer.  We are a good combination.  And guess what?  It took me quite a while to recognize that.  I sure thank God I know now.

His Interests

He is an attorney.  A country lawyer in our small town.  Also got his masters (after his law degree) in Public Administration from Cornell University.  He is also interested in Politics, Education, Music (he’s a pretty awesome guitar player), and he is probably a farmer at heart.  Loves to grow things.  For a while he even had 4 acres of grape vines about 10 miles out of town, but after lots of babies came, that took a backseat.  Maybe someday honey.

Our children

We have 5 children.  

Here is our most recently family picture.


And here are a few older ones.

Kids cc pic 2012 13
dc smaller pic And this is back in 2011 in the airport when we brought Sally home.

Emma 18 and about to go to college, Meg 14, Henry 12, Luke 9 and Sally 6.  We homeschool them and love it because it allows us all so much more time to develop as a family and help lead them in whichever direction God is calling them.

So glad you have come to visit and I hope you will enjoy, comment and join in the conversation if you are so inclined.

Mama’s are on a difficult journey and we can use all the help we can get.

God Bless You!

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14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Allison,

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    I am trying to learn basic customization stuff before buying the developer’s version.

  2. Allison,
    I have been praying the prayer you put on here several years ago… I just love it! and even though I don’t really “know” you, I just love YOU! You are so cool, amazing and inspiring… keep up the good work and the God work!
    Your friend in Christ!
    Jennifer Sterenberg

  3. Hi Allison,
    I am thrilled you are bringing your daughter home today. The Lord works in miraculous ways and he has certainly used you for his glory. I am thrilled to have shared a very tiny part of your life. I agree with you about motherhood. In fact my youngest daughter Misty, who is now 34 and a mother of 3 under 7 yrs. of age, reinforced this at Mother’s Day. She said to me, “You know Mom we (meaning her and her siblings 3) are very proud of all you have done in your life but the thing we are the proudest and most grateful for is the mother you have been to us”. This is what I have always said that the greatest accomplishment and the leagacy I leave behind is my children, grandchildren(6 right now and hopefully more to come) and future family legacy. Because my children are great parents and good citizens with faith. Not that we haven’t had our trials but they have always received unconditional love from God and myself to help them through. I am so glad you are creating a great leagacy with your family. May God Bless you and your family. I will look forward to hearing more from your website and facebook and hopefully you. Margie

    • Margie, So great to hear from you! Sounds like you have definitely got a legacy going! We are in the throws of adjusting with our new little one so not much else getting done around here. But thats ok. This is the priority! Talk soon :)

  4. HI Allison. would you believe that tonight, when i was on computer reading up about the new computer that Im getting, that i came across your contribution on youtube. lol. im buying an iMac in the next few days. the same as you have.(how is it going?)
    ..anyway, i clicked onto your site and have just read a little. i need more time to read more as its late here.

    i live in Tasmania Australia. Ive been a christian now for over 30 years. i have a wonderful husband, three children and three grandchildren. im so thrilled to have come across your video on youtube. i would love to get to know you more. i fully intend to read up on everything you have written here.. its very interesting.

    anything you would like to ask me, please feel free … God Bless you sister.
    judychesterman Tasmania Australia

  5. Hello Allison,
    I came across your blog because I googled Stavropol Orphanage. My wife and I live in Owasso, OK and adopted a baby boy in 2002 from the very same orphanage in Stavropol as you and your husband did. It brought back so many memories, we even had the same translator. Our boy’s name is Mason and he is 10 now. You have an awesome testimony. Thanks for sharing it.
    Brian Topping

  6. Hi Allison, I came across your post about microwave ovens and how it is devastating to the body and our health. I still have one – I heat my coffee in it when it gets cold. We don’t put any food in it. But wonder what it’s doing to the coffee….maybe I’ll put the microwave in the shed for now! I love the way you write – very down home and real! Love the pic of you and hubby and family.
    God speaks to us in so many ways – thanks for sharing how you came about the ‘girl returning home’…. The Lord was giving you ‘His’ directions. He is so awesome!
    I got saved when I was 23 years old – so I’ve known the Lord for what – 40 years! That doesn’t seem possible. I was just trying to figure that one out the other day – been married 36 years and prayed for about 2 1/2 years for a ‘Godly man’. I just turned 62 in March. So if my math is correct – that makes 39 years young in the Lord. The Lord is my Light. I have a floor rug of a ‘Lighthouse’. It reminds me of when I was a young girl and my father was a captain of a commuter boat in New England – one day he let me do the steering and said to me ‘ keep your eyes on that Lighthouse’ and you will be fine. I had forgotten that all these years – until the night before I was to speak at his memorial (5 years ago now) the Lord reminded me of those words and that moment with my dad. My dad did not know the impact of those words – but years later the Lord Jesus did become my Lighthouse. I stay the course no matter how the waters roll and get tough. I don’t know why I am sharing this with you now. Today, I looked down at that rug in my office/dining room and thought about those words again. Perhaps that is why the Lord led me to buy that rug at Goodwill – I was looking for a rug – not necessarily for one with a Lighthouse. But He knew I needed a reminder.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and sharing. You are blessed to have your children. We could not have children and adoption agencies at the time were very tough on couples with low income. We rent a home on a ranch in Bozeman, MT, have a few chickens (my husbands hobby). My passion is teaching God’s people how to live a healthier lifestyle with Young Living Oils.
    Love in Oils,

    • Hi Mary
      I really enjoyed reading your comment. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I love the lighthouse part. I’m going to remember that! I’m also totally into YL oils. What a difference they have made :) And on your coffee, yes a little quick heat up on the stove would be easy in a small pan. Or you could get one of those little round coaster type heaters that plug into the wall to set your coffee on while you drink it. IF you don’t walk around drinking it :). God bless you and thank you again!

      • Hi Allison, I stumbled upon your website when I was googling “sonlight users blogs”. This is my first year of homeschooling and we’ve chosen sonlight. Anyway, I’ve been compelled to read almost everything on your sight,…you are a wonderful writer and so many things you’ve written and done are things I’ve felt called to do. One is adoption. and I’m 48. The thing that has stifled us from getting started is financial issues. My husband just finished his masters of arts in theology…and he’s job searching. Anyway, like your blog(weird word i agree) very much. Looking forward to reading about your newest family member soon. God Bless you and yours!

        • Hi Lynnette,
          Thanks so much for your comment! Hang in there! Where there is a will there is a way. So glad to hear you are homeschooling. It’s a real paradigm shift so give yourself grace as you change those ways of thinking that our culture has taught us for years. On the adoption, there are a multitude of ways to get it done. I think when God knows your heart and you step out in faith, He makes things happen. God bless you too and your family!!