Oh my, why am I putting up a picture of us that is over 6 years old and we are skinnier and cuter.     Oh well, I guess it is just to show you when it was that I really started getting some of this stuff.  That’s a fat little Henry with us at […]

7 Steps To A Happy Marriage

The other day my children and I were standing in the front yard talking to one of my good friends.  My 8 year old said to her “Daddy is moving home next week.”  She thought “Oh my.  Has there been some trouble?  Did he move out and now he is moving back?”  I have laughed […]

Daddy Is Coming Home!

Before we talk about those 5 little words that have become my latest revelation, let me say this:  I haven’t published a post in quite a while.  It seems like all of a sudden life turned into a whirlwind.  Well, maybe I should say, more of a whirlwind than usual.   I haven’t been able […]

5 Profound Words To A Husband

Lorenzo and Jennifer Dunford talk about affording life, children and everything else on one income.  They discuss what “afford” really means and what the “it” actually is.  Great show!!! God Bless You and Your Family!

How Do You Afford It On 1 Income?

Ladies, one of the most important things we will ever do is pray for our husbands.   It should be our “go-to” move when all else fails.  But, really, we want this to become our “go-to” move before we do anything else.  (This picture is my husband at work before he moved his office home.  He […]

A Prayer For Our Husbands