Painting the ceiling when you have white woodwork.  It is not hard.  Don’t let that sway you from doing it yourself or doing it at all.  There are two areas I want to discuss with you. Color And Technique Let’s start with COLOR PAINT THE CEILING THE SAME WHITE AS YOU PAINTED THE CROWN MOLDING […]

Painting The Ceiling

Oh.  Nice.  Who painted the branches?  Daddy was not happy about that.  Our big girl, Emma 11, thought that would be funny while she was helping Daddy paint the brick.  I think she got that practical joke streak from her dear daddy. All right.  We are back to my usual theme of easy and low […]

Don’t Paint The Cement!

Our First House.  Built in 1939. 3 Houses I didn’t intend on talking about home renovation because it is not prominent on my radar screen right now.  But the truth is, it comes and goes.  My husband and I have renovated three 1939 homes over the last 17 years.  On one hand we really enjoy […]

Freedom and White Woodwork