What am I into right now?  Chalene Johnson!  I found her on Periscope – the latest social media craze. (Get the app to check it out on your phone.)  Watched a few of those.  It actually took me several times of watching to “get” what she really does, but someone recommended her, so I pursued.  (She is all about internet marketing, social media, growing your business, finding your purpose.) This all started about 6 weeks ago. -Ish.

Then I got her “Freemium” 30-Day Push from her website for handing over my name and email.  I’m almost done with that and it has TOTALLY HELPED ME GET OUT AND EXERCISE DAILY – though it can help you with any habit you want to develop.

And THEN, I chunked down some cash for her SMART SUCCESS ACADEMY and VIRTUAL BUSINESS ACADEMY!  And I’m telling you I LOVE IT!

Are you an entrepreneur?  Do you want to build a business?  Do you want to use the internet, social media, etc?  Are you in an MLM?  Do your have a brick & mortar business? Just start listening to her podcasts and you can decide if she resonates for you like she does for me. Of course, everyone has their tribe and we are all part of someone else’s tribe, so you need to search out the people that speak to you and inspire you to be better.

Build Your Tribe – Click here to listen to 112 episodes on iTunes for free!

I’m all fired up!  Can you tell?



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