The Iphone

What, you might be asking, could these two things possibly have to do with each other.  Well, I think God is trying to get our attention in any way possible these days, so He shows up where we would least expect Him.

I want to show you how I use my phone during my God-time.  It has become a wonderful tool.

Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning

I’m a big book person.  I like the feel of books, turning the pages, the weight of a book.  And especially the Bible.  But, when my lazy self is lying in bed in the morning, trying to pry my eyes open and thinking about all of the things I want to get accomplished that day (Yes, you guessed it, Type A) then I want all the help I can get.  That’s where this handy little phone comes in.

Yes, They Are Expensive

I pondered this phone for many, many months.  Then my birthday came along and my sweet mother and mother-in-law funded the project.  Honestly, as a wife and mother of 4, it has helped me in a multitude of ways, the least of which I thought would be God-oriented.  But in addition to the God stuff, it has my shopping lists, to-do lists, general notes, datebook, audio recorder, email, internet, and a ton of other things that make my life easier and more streamline.  If this speaks to you, start saving your pennies.

Being On Offense And Not Defense

My goal is to get up at 5am.  My husband’s is too.  It doesn’t always happen, but this is, as my friend says, KEY AND VITAL, to having a good day.  As my husband says, TO BE ON OFFENSE and not defense.  If I DON’T get up early AND have some God-time, my day will likely be 180% different (that means WORSE) than if I do!

Be Prepared Right When You Wake Up

My husband brings us both a cup of hot tea when we wake up  (Thank you Lord.)  If he didn’t, I would bring my coffee cup, a tea bag and a thermos of hot water to my bedroom the night before and have it ready for the next morning.  I sit up in bed, grab my tea and phone and read the Bible.

These are the 5 Bible apps (short for applications) that I have on my phone.   The top row and the one on the 2nd row.

Iphone Bible Apps

There are tons of others.  They all have reviews so you can see what other people say about them.  Some are free.   Some have a one-time cost.

First, I read the “Bible Verses” one.  It gives you a new verse every time you click on it.  It was free.

Iphone Verse of the Day

Then I read this other one called “Daily Verse.”  This one gives you one verse a day.  It cost 99 cents.  I like having both for some reason.

Iphone verse of the day

Then I read the “Daily Proverb.”  This app automatically pops up the right Proverb chapter for the right day.  There are 31 chapters of Proverbs.  It’s a great way to easily start reading the Bible.  Just pick the one for that day.  This cost 99 cents.

Iphone Proverbs of the day

Then I read the “Daily Reading” from the app called “Holy Bible.”  This one was also free.  It has a ton of different bible versions on it.  If you read what it says to read, you will read the entire Bible in one year.  I’m reading The Message version this year, which is pretty hip and cool if you’ve never tried it.

Iphone Read the Bible in one year

Here is what the chapters look like.

Iphone Bible Reading

You can bookmark passages you want to refer back to.

Iphone Bible bookmark

You can access each book of the Bible.

Iphone Books of the Bible

And here, you can change the font to about 6 different sizes and put it on low light setting.  White letters on a black background.

Iphone Bible app

And this last one called NIV AcroBible I don’t use as much, but it does let you compare the NIV to the KJV versions.

Iphone Bible

And, you can highlight passages in different colors for different reasons and it will keep track of what you highlighted.  Very cool.

Iphone NIV Bible

After that, I say some prayers that are on my mind, and I’m ready for the day.  Sometimes I do some other confession/affirmation type things that I will show you on another post.  And throughout the day, I’m randomly praying for this or that.  Talking to God.  Etc.  Etc.   Yes,  sometimes I just forget because life gets in the way.  And then I know I gotta slow down!  Hard for this Type A Orange.

Whatever you do, find God somewhere in your day.  Start small and slowly work up.  He is more patient with us than we will ever be.  I promise, your days will go better!



  1. Great insight on putting first things first. Phone, computer, or books, the tools are out there. And time is short. So good to get the reminder that nothing helps our day go better more than GOD TIME. :)

  2. Allison says:

    So true!! It has taken a while to really get that! But so true! It never fails.

  3. Cathy says:

    I used my iPhone for a Children’s Sermon…same thing. Only I made sure everyone knew when I had my phone out during the sermon that I was TAKING NOTES in my Bible app. Offered to email them as proof…LOL! I think it’s important to find God in our technology…keep Him a part of our lives! I don’t ever want to give up my phone/email/grocery list/calendar/contacts/Bible/sermon notes/FB/photos/camera!!

  4. Allison says:

    I’m with ya!!

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