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It took about a week of deep thought on how to achieve “Purse Efficiency” for all of my different needs.  But then…. the Ah-Ha Moment!  I finally figured it out!

Layer Your Purses

You know how we layer our clothes, especially if it’s cold in the morning and then gets hot in the afternoon?  Do that!   Layer your purses.

The Vera Bradley, so cute purses, helped achieve this idea.  Their stores are a pleasure to peruse!

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I bought this first little Vera Bradley purse a few months ago.  It’s called the Wristlet and the pattern is Ellie Blue.  There are over 20 different patterns to choose from.

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It is perfect.  It holds credit cards, cash, my headphones for the gym, and I can stuff my phone and keys in if necessary.  I love the handle.  And it is fun!

I even gave one of these for Christmas to both my sisters, my brother’s girlfriend and the awesome woman that helps me in my house.  I hope they like them as much as I do!

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I use this to go on quick shopping trips and also to the YMCA to work out.

I put this in the next bag called the Hipster, (the pattern is Ribbons)  when running certain other errands.  Many times I will pull the Wristlet out to go in a store and leave the bigger bag in the car so I don’t have to carry it.

IMG 6504 IMG 6503

I usually, but not if I’m just running a quick errand, take the Hipster on shopping trips.  I take it in when we go to the movie or a lecture or if I need my checkbook, because my glasses live there in a somewhat bulky case since they are so flimsy and fragile.

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I also have a several essential oils, checkbook, pens, heart monitor for exercising (don’t use this all the time), and a few other odds and ends.

IMG 6505

The final bag that I got for my birthday (thanks sweetie) is called the Double Zip Backpack.  This pattern is Summer Cottage.

IMG 6512

I use this at least a couple of times a week and sometimes more.  I take this when I want to take my laptop with me or books for a book study.

This is what lives in the backpack:   The laptop in it’s case (that it’s sitting on), charger, external hard drive, and the Medium Cosmetic Bag in Provencal, which holds some other items (a few more essential oils, hair stuff, bandaids, etc)

IMG 6516

Those items plus the Hipster purse with the Wristlet inside all fit in the backpack.

IMG 6533

Here is the side view with everything in it.

IMG 6513

Here is the front pocket.

IMG 6514

This is working very well for me.  I used to SWITCH purses depending on what I needed at the time, and would often forget something that had been left in another purse.  I love this!

Plus, I seem to be always carrying something ELSE from a child to groceries to shopping bags to food to trash out of the car.  The smaller the purse for the job, the better!

Do you have ideas on how you solve issues like this?  I’d love to hear about them.

Have a fantastic day and make sure your glass is half full!


PS  Oh, and by the way, I’m receiving nothing from Vera Bradley.  I just love these purses.  I guess they will get a little free advertising.


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