Order and Simplicity

Order & Simplicity.  It is essential to my peace of mind.

Melt Down!

What have I been doing all week, you ask?  Not on the computer AT ALL, I can tell you that!  The “stuff” in my house was on the verge of bringing on a meltdown big as Dallas, so I had no choice.

Children:  You are on your own (sort of).  I Must Accomplish This Task.

Can I Get A Some Help Here?

I am a little loathe to put pictures of the inside of my house (anything wider than a closeup) on the internet for all the world to see, but….on the other hand….I think there are Mama’s out there that could use the help, encouragement, inspiration, etc.  I know I could. So….there you go…..taking a risk…..It will be ok…..I know there will be no weirdos out there that will make me regret this!

Where Does One Start?

I say start in the rooms that drive you the craziest OR that you are in most often OR that you can achieve your goal easily.  The idea is “Get the most bang for your buck.” For me, at this moment, it is my bedroom and the kitchen.

My bedroom, because I need that peaceful oasis when I get into bed at night and the kitchen because I seem to be there the most. (I think I’m going to say “unfortunately.”)

So, first, I will show you the bedroom, because I am the happiest with it.  I moved the bed to angle it on that corner.  I removed the STACKS of books and papers on both nightstands.  I added that 4 cup coffee maker to my side so I just have to reach over and turn it on in the morning.  That is wonderful!

And on the other side of the room, notice the completely cleared off mantle and wicker chest.  The mantle was where I put my junk and the chest was where BBAH put his junk.  I also got rid of a magazine rack that I hadn’t touched in over a year.  I moved the bedroom trash can into the bathroom.  Not a big deal.  And I rolled up the patterned rug and stuck it under the bed.

Many of you might look at this and say, that is a little over the top.  It’s not homey or lived in or comfy or……But for me.  This comes close to sitting on a beach staring at the ocean.  Well, maybe not close, but it’s as close as I’m going to get in this landlocked prairie town.

Also, I am a very visual learner/person.  When my husband starts talking about somebody’s mother’s brother’s aunt’s child – I immediately glaze over.  But show me a chart and I’m there!  So the point it, any distracting visual things……kinda make me…….uh……well…..convoluted.  Especially on top of wrangling a big family!

AND, once this room is full of people and the daily stuff that gets undone, pulled off, set down for a moment, well…..it doesn’t always look like this. So if this is my foundation, I’m in good shape.

And Now On To The Kitchen.

These 2 pictures are of the space I use to cook.  They are the counters on either side of the sink. I’ve grit my teeth and left only the most important things out.  Favorite cookbook.  Knives.  And my beloved, at least 15 year old cappuccino maker that I use every morning.  Yes.  2 cups!

One secret in doing this is that old cliche “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”  Well that’s great, but to do that, you have to clean out the crap, I mean stuff, in your cabinets too, so you can have a place for the FEW things you want to keep.  So in both of these rooms, I was not only clearing counters, I was clearing out cabinets too. That’s why it took so DANG long!

Here is the area we sit, do school, talk on the phone, turn on the radio, chat, drink a cup of coffee, etc., etc.  This counter is ALWAYS the worst.  Things continually get placed here and left, but darnit (working hard here not to use bad words!), I am determined to keep this serenity.

I would love comments from you on this stuff. Maybe you have great ideas you could impart!  That area on the left with the bibles used to house a tv (when my sweet parents lived here).  Haven’t figured out what to put here.  Maybe a vase with fake flowers?  Then back there above the phone are the cookbooks.  I have  more, but those are the ones I really like.  Stay? Go?  And finally, the radio.  That used to house a microwave.  It’s ok, I guess.  I do use these things, so maybe they just stay out. If anyone has better ideas for these areas, bring them on. Oh and zenhabits.net gave me my latest inspiration. I guess because it’s written by a dad with 6 children. The guy has some credibility!

Ok, time to exit this computer and get on with the day.

God Bless You And Your Peaceful Hearts!  (And Mine Too!)


  1. Ladonna says:

    Look’s great! We’re remodeling and have no drawers in the kitchen yet, but I am hopeful that one day things will be put away.

  2. Looks wonderfully serene.

    Regarding the vase with fake flowers – sure, it’d brighten you up for a week, but then it starts collecting dust! Do you have a garden outside? You could consider cutting one flower and putting it in a small vase or a bud and putting it in a bud vase. Then just change it out as they die until fall time, and put in a pine cone or something else you find on a walk! Winter is a tough one…

    I just know that I’m sick of dusting!

  3. Kristen H says:

    Wonderful job. The bedroom looks wonderful! I really like the bed turned into the corner. I’d do that too, but I don’t have a headboard so stuff would fall off the head of the bed. Kitchen looks great too. I’m feeling inspired.

  4. Kellie says:

    I love the color of your bedroom. I’ve actually been considering using that color in my kitchen because I find blues so calming. Maybe just a few of pieces of pottery, china, or whatever you have stashed away would look good in the empty spots. You could do a big bowl or pitcher in the middle and a couple of plates in plate holders in the other two areas. I like the single fresh flower idea too — it would look pretty next to a plate or something.

  5. Emma says:

    Awesome post, Mom. But, who is BBAH?

  6. Mama says:

    You are doing a great job Honey!

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