March 29, 2011  4pm So.  Yesterday  we left off after our meeting with Tarikua, the birth mother.  Tarikua means my history or my story.  Jonas tells us people will name their children something that means something about what is going on in that mothers life at that time.  Very similar to the way the names […]

Ethiopian Adoption-Part 4-Meeting Sally

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March 27, 2011 11am W are waiting for the shuttle to take us to the Washington DC hotel.  It’s cold. Supposed to snow. I’m dressed for 75 degree weather. Always an adventure. We met a guy on our shuttle to our hotel and then again at breakfast that was quite interesting.  He worked for Middle […]

Ethiopian Adoption – Part 2

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The next several posts to come are the emails I wrote to family and friends while we were on our trip to Ethiopia in March 2011.  Pictures are now added. March 26, 2011 Dear Family and Friends, These emails are going to serve as a journal of this trip to Ethiopia.  Im sending this to […]

Ethiopian Adoption – Part 1

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Update:   I wrote this about 20 months ago, but just couldn’t publish it until we got a lot closer to fruition.  We are very close now.  So here is the beginning of this new story about the new life of a little girl. August 25, 2009 My husband and I just made a very […]

Ethiopian Adoption – How it all started

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