To Give Money Or Not To Give Money It took me a number of years to decide whether we should give our children a regular allowance or not. Should we just expect their daily help and then maybe give them money for extra jobs? Would a regular allowance, whether they were obedient or not in doing […]

Money & Children – How it Works At Our House

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The honest truth is, I’m not sure WHAT the secret is for a good chore plan.  I suppose it is very similar to homeschooling curriculum.  If mama don’t like it, it ain’t gonna work. Life in this area definitely gets easier as your children get older.  So hang in there Mamas with young ones.  You […]

Our 5 Step Process for Chores

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Ohhh, school is not going so well today.  Let’s just make cookies instead. I’m really not sure what kind of homeschooling Mom I would call myself. Definitely not structured. Maybe a little eclectic. Maybe a little classical. Maybe a little Charlotte Mason. Maybe a little unschooling. But then it also depends on the child. I […]

Elementary Necessities

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