I said to my husband the other night ‘I’m always looking for that perfect formula of beauty and function” (whether it’s the daily schedule or how to arrange the furniture in a room.) He reminded me, “For the schedule, you will never find it, because life is always changing.” Oh. Right. Remembering that IS key, […]

Finding The Perfect Daily Schedule

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Lorenzo and Jennifer Dunford discuss how we can approach our current world situation from a spiritual, biblical point of view. The Dunfords have 10 children and a ministry focused on family, marriage and parenting. Visit them at

Morning & Evening: KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE!

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With the world the way it is today, I sense an urgency to keep a tight grip on our families.  To do everything we can to create fun, interesting, challenging times spent together.   And in those times, sow into our children the morality, the ideas, the survival techniques, the practical matters of living that […]

Homemade Pizza – A Friday Night Tradition

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Lorenzo and Jennifer Dunford.  Hannah 12, Nathaniel 11, Micah 9, Caleb 6, Esther 5, Ben 3, Phoebe 1 and Abigail (not pictured)(born 3-27-09) Gotta Give Credit Before I can go a minute further with this website, I must tell you about and give credit to the people God sent into my life to help me […]

From New Age to Jesus

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