Hi guys, Just wanted to quickly show you something I have been doing with my Bible lately.  I really do like reading these verses from the actually Book versus from my iPhone or a piece of paper, though those will certainly do in a pinch.  I got this from my good friend Jen.  Thanks sis!

Post-it Note Those Healing Verses

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Lorenzo and Jennifer Dunford discuss how we can approach our current world situation from a spiritual, biblical point of view. The Dunfords have 10 children and a ministry focused on family, marriage and parenting. Visit them at

Morning & Evening: KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE!

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I was working on another post this morning when the following happened: The Flood Last night when I turned on the kitchen faucet, water poured out under the sink and onto the kitchen floor.  It was 5:30pm and we were not going to call the plumber on overtime.  We were in the middle of feeding […]

Jesus And The Kitchen Faucet

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When Henry was a baby, I decided to memorize my first scripture.  I asked my friend Jen, which one I should start with and she recommended Psalm 23. Put It To Music I realized quickly that putting it to music would help, so since I was rocking a baby to sleep for naps and at […]

Psalm 23 – For Babies & Daddies

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