I can not believe my oldest is ready for Algebra. This is Saxon Algebra 1/2. The class before highschool Algebra 1. We love Saxon for Emma. Here is a link to a post I did that goes a little more in depth on Saxon Math and why we like it.

What We Bought At The HomeSchool Conference 2010

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Hey there Mamas.  Wanna talk math? Oh, well.  Let’s do it anyway : )  This will just take a minute. Consistency?  Hmmm.  Not really. As I have mentioned before, I have tried many, many different curriculum over the last 9 years.  And the only thing I have remained consistent on is the last 3 years […]

Why Saxon Math Works For My 12 Year Old

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We have been homeschooling for about 9 years.  What that means is when our first daughter (now 12) was 3, I was researching and buying curriculum.  Now today, I would just tell a mama that had a 3 year old to relax,  have fun and read about other homeschoolers in your spare time.  Don’t get […]

4 Reasons I Love This Year’s HomeSchool Curriculum – Sonlight

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On this wall, we have some nice white boards (dry erase markers always in a safe with a Ft. Knox lock)  Just kidding!  And on the left, that is a genealogy for Jesus.  I love charts and timelines. Homeschoolers LOVE to see how and where other homeschoolers do school.  We want details.  EXACTLY where do […]

Our School Room At Home

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