Order & Simplicity.  It is essential to my peace of mind. Melt Down! What have I been doing all week, you ask?  Not on the computer AT ALL, I can tell you that!  The “stuff” in my house was on the verge of bringing on a meltdown big as Dallas, so I had no choice. […]

My Simplified Bedroom & Kitchen

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About a year or two ago I came across a prayer in the back of a book called Protecting Your Family in Dangerous Times by Kellie Copeland-Kutz.  She is a wife and mother.  It spoke to my heart so I copied it down and put it with my regular God-time stuff that I will continue […]

Evil is Real – Use This Prayer Of Protection

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Oh.  Nice.  Who painted the branches?  Daddy was not happy about that.  Our big girl, Emma 11, thought that would be funny while she was helping Daddy paint the brick.  I think she got that practical joke streak from her dear daddy. All right.  We are back to my usual theme of easy and low […]

Don’t Paint The Cement!

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And now for something on the lighter side.  Whew!  Sigh of relief. I Am Not Crafty You must know that about me. I try to do a few things.  I really do.  And as we go on, I will show them to you.   I kind of figure if the directions are fairly simple and […]

Frame The Meaning of Your Name

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