These are absolutely the best cups I have found for a dinner table containing children

I have searched high and low for the last year for the perfect cup that will not tip over. We had some similar that we used so often AND mistakenly put in the dishwasher too many times, that are now ready for the trash.

When I started looking for the same kind, they were nowhere to be found.

But a couple of weeks ago, while at a wonderful women’s blogging conference called  BlissDom, at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine, Texas, I found these cups in the hotel gift shop.

The perfect gift for the babes I left at home. Not more “stuff” for the house. A fun cup for them. Function for mom!
IMG 7006

Yes sir. I will take 8 please. The only ones with names were my husband’s and mine, but that’s ok.

This was an investment in our (the parents) sanity.

Now these sit on the counter. Everyone has their own. They get hand-washed. They don’t tip over as easy as others (a nightly dinner table occurrence) and they have a stainless steel interior to satisfy mom’s health-for-my-babes desire.

The company that makes them is called ID Gear Inc.  They cost $9.95 online here.  I paid a bit more in the costly hotel venue, but that’s ok.  The job got done and Mama is happy.

It’s the simple things like this that can make my day!  How about you?  Any simple tips to share off the top of your head that make your life easier?


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