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You’re thinking “My hair is straight and boring and stringy and never looks good and is a hassle to make look good and I could go on!”

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This post is for you.

This hair-style was billed for “busy-moms.”  That made me laugh.  It’s quick and easy and, of course, it works for anyone with long hair.  I’ve tried it 3-4 times.

First, get a sock.  A thinner dress sock is best.

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Now cut off the end.  This used to have the toe in it.  So now both ends are open like this.

IMG 6634

Now bunch it up like this.

IMG 6636 IMG 6635

Start with your hair straight and boring like this.

IMG 6623

Next, put it in a rubber band pony-tail on top of your head.

Then with a spray bottle of water, spray the pony-tail part until it is pretty damp throughout.  Not soaked.

Now take the sock and put it at the top end way above your head.  Put the ends of your pony tail through the inside of the sock and start wrapping them out around the sock and down.

IMG 6628

Start rolling the sock and your hair down, down, down until it gets to the point in the picture below.  (this picture above is actually as I was taking it out the next day, but it helps you get the picture.

Oh and if you are hip and with it, you need to know that leaving it up is the “sock bun” hairdo, and all the young, cool chicks are wearing their hair out like this.

Had I been going out, I would have done a better job :/  To sleep on this, you do NOT have to do a good job.  And hopefully your husband will appreciate your effort and deal with the “look.”

IMG 6624

As you roll it down to the top of your head, it starts to get tighter and tighter and once there, it completely stays by itself.  I’m not really sure why or how.

After you have slept all night on this, it will be dry and ready to unroll.

IMG 6625

Nice jammies, huh?

IMG 6626 IMG 6627 IMG 6628 IMG 6629 IMG 6632

Or put in a pony tail.

IMG 6640

Here is a different day that I did it and a different angle.

IMG 6564

Pretty cool.  And I have heard people say it even works better when your hair isn’t perfectly clean.  What a great idea if you just don’t want to wash your hair, but need to look somewhat decent the next day.

Try it and let me know how it worked.  I’d love to hear.

Here is another  link that gives more blow by blow instructions on how to do this.

And here is a video if you need to see this in action.

Have a great day!


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