Paperchase – What documents are necessary to adopt?

I started this post about a year ago and got distracted midway through.  I know you know what I’m talking about!  The addition of our precious, new little girl Sally, from Ethiopia, Classical Conversations (a new homeschool adventure we will discuss later), another adoption on the horizon, commitments to get the kids and me exercising […]

Ethiopia Adoption – Lalibela – A Holy City – Part 12

The view at dusk from Lalibela Sunday, May 15, noon Though I will, I do not feel able or qualified to write about the last 24 hours. We are on a small prop plane, a Bombadier, that has a capacity of 75 people. We are heading back to Addis after 24 hours in Lalibela.  Pronounced […]

Ethiopia Adoption Part 11

Friday, May 13, 2011  6pm Yesterday I found out more detail on how children are matched with adoptive parents.  Apparently Duni’s mother runs an orphanage and I guess has for years.  Remember, Duni was our adoption agency coordinator over here in Addis.  Many of these orphanages are private.  A person just decides to start one. […]

Ethiopia Adoption – Pt 10 – Back to Africa!

May 11, 2011  Noon We are all 5, Matthew, Emma and Meg (our daughters 13 and 10,) my mother and I, in our seats on Ethiopian Airlines about to depart Washington DC straight, nonstop, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  A 13 hour flight. From Oklahoma City you must do a 16 hour layover to connect to […]

Ethiopia Adoption-Part 8-Last Day Trip 1

Friday, April 1, 2011  9pm  Addis Ababa Airport Right now we are sitting on the floor in the gate area where our plane will take off in about an hour. This morning we had our usual breakfast with various other adoptive parents.  We have an omelet every day with cheese and veggies.  There is a […]

Ethiopia Adoption – Part 7

Thursday, March 31, 2011  10pm Quick summary of recent Ethiopian history.  Emperor Menelik reunited Ethiopia in the  late 1800’s from existing as many smaller kingdoms.  He died about 1915.  Hailie Selassie came to power and was in power until 1974 as Emperor.  He was liked by some because he did a lot of good for […]

Ethiopian Adoption-Part 4-Meeting Sally

March 29, 2011  4pm So.  Yesterday  we left off after our meeting with Tarikua, the birth mother.  Tarikua means my history or my story.  Jonas tells us people will name their children something that means something about what is going on in that mothers life at that time.  Very similar to the way the names […]

Ethiopian Adoption – Part 2

March 27, 2011 11am W are waiting for the shuttle to take us to the Washington DC hotel.  It’s cold. Supposed to snow. I’m dressed for 75 degree weather. Always an adventure. We met a guy on our shuttle to our hotel and then again at breakfast that was quite interesting.  He worked for Middle […]

Ethiopian Adoption – How it all started

Update:   I wrote this about 20 months ago, but just couldn’t publish it until we got a lot closer to fruition.  We are very close now.  So here is the beginning of this new story about the new life of a little girl. August 25, 2009 My husband and I just made a very […]