Paperchase – What documents are necessary to adopt?

I started this post about a year ago and got distracted midway through.  I know you know what I’m talking about!  The addition of our precious, new little girl Sally, from Ethiopia, Classical Conversations (a new homeschool adventure we will discuss later), another adoption on the horizon, commitments to get the kids and me exercising […]

Adoption Journal – Part 17 (Finale) – Russia 2007

Home.  Enid, Oklahoma USA  Sept 8, 2007  7:30pm We are home. Thank you God.  I have to say that God led us this entire trip.  Everything we did, was smooth.  Every process, every document, every person we dealt with, every thing that we needed – it was all done with ease, expediency, and peacefulness.  I […]

Adoption Journal – Part 16 – Russia 2007

Wed Sept 5th 7:30pm We leave the hotel tomorrow morning at 9:30am.  Our flight leaves at 1pm.  I guess it is a good hour to the airport.  We still have some to pack.  We will be in Wichita Thursday night and may spend the night and come back to Enid early Friday morning. Today we […]

Adoption Journal – Part 15 – Russia 2007

Tue. Sept 4, 2007, 7:30pm After Luke’s nap we got it all together and met our driver downstairs at the hotel.  He drove us to the US Embassy. It was a beautiful old Russian building.  Sort of mustard color.  4-5 stories and very wide.  Inside it was pretty sterile and white with 2-story ceilings.  Nothing […]

Adoption Journal – Part 13 – Russia 2007

In an effort to finish getting this journal onto the website, I’m going to dispense with pictures for now.  We have a new adoption journey to start writing about! Sunday, Sept 2, 10:30am Well, yesterday Luke slept 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.  I think he is making up for […]

Adoption Journal – Part 12 – Russia 2007

Matt in our room.  A nice room. August 30, 2007  Moscow 9:40pm.  Back in the room we had bread, cheese, salami and wine for dinner.  Ilyusha had oatmeal cereal, tagliatelle cream pasta with broccoli (Russian baby food) and apple-mango with curd cheese.  Mmm. Yummy.  He eats well.  I’m sitting here at the desk looking out […]

Adoption Journal – Part 10 – Russia 2007

This is my favorite picture of Matt in Russia.  Perplexed by the menu. Tuesday night, August 28th, 2007 Andrei came by at 6pm tonight.  He gave us Ilya’s new Russian passport with his new name on it in Russian.  Ilya Neyl Devis. I guess that is how they spell it in Russia.  That was exciting. […]

Adoption Journal – Part 9 – Russia 2007 – The Trial

Exterior of the Russian Courthouse Dear Friends and Family, Thanks so much for the emails. It is comforting to stay connected like this when on the other side of the world. Sleep Is Quite Difficult Last night we were all tired early.  No one took a nap.  Matt went to sleep about 7:30pm and Emma […]

Adoption Journal – Part 8 – Russia 2007

The view out the window of Ilya’s (Luke’s) room August 27, 2007 The PreTrial All is going well.  Yesterday Matt napped while Emma and I had lunch in the snack bar in the hotel.  $20 for a small bowl of soup, 2 pieces of bread (they charge for each piece,) a side of mashed potatoes, a small juice […]