I took this picture today and I am still shocked at that price. Can you think of a topic more exciting that this?  Are you thinking “She is really going out on a limb here!”  My good friends are probably laughing right now, because they know that is a regular occurrence with me.  We oranges […]

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Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent – Yes, I’m Serious.

Oatmeal granola with bananas and milk.  Yummy! Yes!  I am on a total oatmeal kick.  Today I am going to give you an alternative to spending money on boxed cereal.  It’s healthy and it’s good! Are You A Cereal And Milk Lover? In our house, we all love cereal and milk!  Maybe 1/3 of the […]

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Easy Granola Recipe

Oatmeal is healthy.  We should eat it regularly.  We should have our children eat it.  I know some of you are good about it, but I have never really been able to get my little lambs to eat oatmeal, much less regularly.  Until now.  This is my current favorite recipe.  And yes, once again, it’s […]

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Hot Breakfast Kids Love – Oatmeal Crisp

Homemade Beer Bread Ok ladies.  Let’s talk about men for a moment.  The truth is, they are really pretty simple.  Or maybe I should say one-track mind.  That isn’t a knock.  It isn’t bad.  It’s great.  It’s how God made them so they could really focus on one thing and be successful, whether it is […]

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Beer Bread. The Way To A Man’s Heart!