My blog, or as I like to think of it, the archive for my children some day, has been unattended for quite some time now, but lately it’s been on my mind. Looking at posts I’d started, but never finished, this one is a look into my mind and what was happening a couple of years […]

Dreams, Gifts, Purpose, School, etc…

  These 2 guys on the same podcast is a real treat! Click here to listen to their podcast

Dave Ramsey with Seth Godin Podcast!

What am I into right now?  Chalene Johnson!  I found her on Periscope – the latest social media craze. (Get the app to check it out on your phone.)  Watched a few of those.  It actually took me several times of watching to “get” what she really does, but someone recommended her, so I pursued. […]

Chalene Johnson Podcasts are the Bomb!