The other day I was at our Community Bible Study.  It’s Thursday mornings.  My 15 year old daughter is in my small group.  It’s beautiful to have her in there with 10 other wise women sowing wisdom into her mind and heart. Maxed Out For the previous 3 weeks, my life has been stressful, for […]

God Sent Me A Text Through My Husband

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Ahh yes.  Clean and Simple.  That makes me happy. Well, we all know happiness has many different facets, but I CAN say from experience that this does, in fact, help. Too Much Stuff Every now and then, the STUFF in our house completely and totally gets to me. It paralyzes me and I cannot do […]

Simplify Your Home and Be Happy

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Everyone has a Story to Tell An experience. A revelation. A passion. Everyone is an expert at something. If you really want to write, encourage, teach, inspire, inform or just untangle your thoughts, then I’m sure there are people that want to hear about it. Traditional Marketing is Dead Smaller, niche tribe and relationship building […]

10 Essential Steps For Starting A Blog

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Three weeks ago, when I came across this book in my favorite store in Dallas, Whole Earth Provision, I immediately decided to buy it. And, of course, my 9 year old, Lego Master of the Universe, has not put it down since. Click here to see it on Amazon. And how exciting to see that there […]

The Old Testament in Legos – The Brick Bible

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