I created the confessions below, some people call them affirmations, way back in 2007.  Taking a verse and writing it in First Person. If you have read much about me here, you know I believe that our words are extremely powerful and will dictate what our lives look like.  So we really have to watch […]

My Biblical Confessions for Health, Life, & Family

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What am I into right now?  Chalene Johnson!  I found her on Periscope – the latest social media craze. (Get the app to check it out on your phone.)  Watched a few of those.  It actually took me several times of watching to “get” what she really does, but someone recommended her, so I pursued. […]

Chalene Johnson Podcasts are the Bomb!

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Isn’t this one of our favorite topics ladies?  I know it is.  For me too.  I love to see what other people are using.  And then it just cracks me up when Todd Wilson and the various other  experienced homeschool dads say “The curriculum doesn’t really matter.  Pretty much anything will work.  Teach character.  Wisdom. […]

Our Homeschool Curriculum For 2013-14

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As of this writing we will begin our 12th homeschool year in 3 weeks.  Oh my, the summer is flying fast!  But I’m excited about the future and more than any other summer, I have spent most of this time ruminating, cogitating and planning the coming school year. My thoughts on being an “underwhelmed mom” […]

A Plan To Be An Underwhelmed Homeschool Mom

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