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The other day I was at our Community Bible Study.  It’s Thursday mornings.  My 15 year old daughter is in my small group.  It’s beautiful to have her in there with 10 other wise women sowing wisdom into her mind and heart.

Maxed Out

For the previous 3 weeks, my life has been stressful, for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with.  Seems like I was just constantly doing life and saying “Help me God.”  Doing some more life.  “Help me God.”  And over and over.

Better Go!

I did all my homework the night before class (you’re supposed to do a little each day of the week) and I was excited to see that the topic was the Proverbs 31 Woman.  I had debated about going, thinking “I’m too busy.”  But when I saw that topic, AND remembered that that is exactly where I SHOULD be when I think I’m too busy, I knew we were going!

The Ding

So during our small group discussion I got a text.  It dinged loud.  I quickly turned it off and would check it later.  We moved up to the sanctuary for the large group lecture.


The lecturer talked about rubies detailing their worth, and specifics about their value, that they are the most valuable of gems, etc, etc.

The Verse

And then.  The well-known verse about the Proverbs 31 woman (Proverbs 31:10-11)

A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.  Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.

I love that verse and have heard it for years.

The Text

At the end of the lecture, I looked at my phone.

This text was from my husband and here is what it said.

IMG 6927

Hmm.  Really?

Wow!  I don’t own a silver ring with a ruby in it and I’ve never seen one in my house and how amazing that THAT text came through at THAT time.  It was a God moment!

Like this time and this time and this time.

God Does It Again

Once again, He shows up.  He is so faithful.  I took this as Him saying, “Don’t worry my daughter.  I’m here.  I’m always here.  And you are worth far more than rubies.”

The Ring

I thought, “I can’t wait to see this ring.  And I don’t really care if it’s real or not or if it belongs to someone else (I’d give it back of course).  But I need to see it!”

And here it is.

IMG 6928

It Fits My Little Finger Perfectly

A few days later my 11 year old daughter told me she got it from my mother-in-law’s house when it was recently cleaned out.  She said, You can have it.  Really? Are you sure?  Yes, I never wear it.  It doesn’t fit.

I’m wearing it now and love looking at it for that reminder.  Someday she will get it back.  At the appropriate time.

God talks to us all the time.  Look for those moments and know, it isn’t a coincidence!

I’d love to hear about any of your large or small God moments, and I’m sure others would too!

Please tell us in the comments below :)



  1. Ron English says:

    Bob McCarty shared your post with me tonight. The Ruby ring was most interesting…if for no other reason…the timing. Some say timing is every thing. I don’t know about every thing…but it sure can make a dull moment bright. Thanks for sharing it.

    Have a good evening.

    Ron E

    • Hi Ron! Thanks so much for commenting! My good friend and I call these “landmark moments” and my goal is to write them down to remember them, but to have a ring on my hand everyday reminding me is pretty darn cool! God bless!

  2. I feel the presence of a higher power when I dream of my late father – to hear his voice and feel him hug me again is an experience I can’t begin to explain. That ring is magical.

  3. Wow! What an amazing story of timing! I’m a big believer in signs from God and this most certainly sounded like one. I bet many more good things are headed your way.

  4. DarleneMAM says:

    I love the “coincidences” in life. That ruby ring was a “coincidence” of epic proportions and I’m so very happy for you.
    I had a “coincidence” that reminded me of my Dad, who was an epic practical joker. Here is the link:

  5. Claire says:

    Beautiful story Allison. I love it when God reminds us of His love for us. xoxo, Claire

  6. Melissa~ says:

    I love this story, Allison. There are so many times when God speaks to me in ways like this that I find really special and comforting. He is such a good God.

    I also enjoyed your post about the sock bun! I have been wearing it like crazy, thank you for that!


    PS Found you through PlatU, loving that so much aren’t you?

  7. Jill Foster says:

    Allison – Thanks for sharing your God moments and stories, including the influence the Dunford family has had on your journey. Lorenzo and I attended high school together a kajillion years ago. His strength of character made such an impression. As for God moments, please keep fueling and sharing them. My walk with God is uplifting toward a big path of renewal; your experience resonates. It is humbling & relieving beyond words. Very sincerely …. Jill Foster in DC.

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