I love, love, love the crockpot.  It is one of the best tools to help achieve a more stress-free life.  If for some strange reason you haven’t gotten one yet, I URGE you to hop on over to to your favorite Stuff-Mart and get one.  And I mean NOW!  They are a ton of bang for your […]

Crockpot Bread Pudding

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I’ve had it in my mind to tell you all this true story for as long as this website has been up and I apologize for taking so long, because I believe it is very important.  Let’s get right to it. There is a woman named Dodie Osteen. She is the mother of Joel Osteen […]

A Miraculous Story of Healing From A Cancer Death Sentence

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Before we talk about those 5 little words that have become my latest revelation, let me say this:  I haven’t published a post in quite a while.  It seems like all of a sudden life turned into a whirlwind.  Well, maybe I should say, more of a whirlwind than usual.   I haven’t been able […]

5 Profound Words To A Husband

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I’m so excited.  This is another easy, quick, warm breakfast recipe.  Children love it and why wouldn’t they?  Let’s get right to it. Ingredients are: Biscuits:  Any kind of biscuits in a can.  The healthy version will have us making our own dough for this part with fresh ground flour, but for now, we will […]

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Biscuits EASY!

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