The sign next to the front door of the orphanage Stavropol Aug 26, 2007 Hello Everyone, Yeah, we have internet access at our hotel! Last night we flew down to Stavropol, Russia. We arrived at about 10:30pm. Matt and Emma slept most of the flight. We are still off on our sleep schedule, but it […]

Adoption Journal – Part 7 – 2007

Our hotel room in Moscow.  It was quite nice and the only option left as Moscow hotels are always booked. On our 2nd trip to Russia for our court date and to bring home 13-month-old Luke, our newest addition, I found internet cafes in Moscow and Stavropol.  I regularly sent emails back to our friends […]

Russia – Trip 2 – Adoption Journal Part 6

We flew back to Moscow from Izhevsk and arrived in the evening. The next day we had about 8 hours to sight-see before we flew south to Stavropol to meet Ilya. (Luke 10 months old) This is Matt in front of the subway entrance.

The Turning Point – Russian Adoption Journal Part 5

Moscow, Russia June 2, 2007 We Flew To Moscow I was somewhat incredulous that we were flying all the way to the other side of the world to adopt a child, since we had many irons in the fire in the United States. Adopting a baby from our own hometown would have been just fine […]

Adoption Journal Part 4

Finally last February 2007, (16 months since we’d started our homestudy) we got frustrated that the adoption was taking so long.  After much thinking and talking we decided to switch countries to Ethiopia.  They had just opened up adoptions there in the last year or two and the process was comparatively short. Skin Color, Schmin […]

Adoption Journal Part 3