When Henry was a baby, I decided to memorize my first scripture.  I asked my friend Jen, which one I should start with and she recommended Psalm 23. Put It To Music I realized quickly that putting it to music would help, so since I was rocking a baby to sleep for naps and at […]

Psalm 23 – For Babies & Daddies

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What, you might be asking, could these two things possibly have to do with each other.  Well, I think God is trying to get our attention in any way possible these days, so He shows up where we would least expect Him. I want to show you how I use my phone during my God-time.  […]

God and The Iphone

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It’s 5:30am. I’ve just had my first cup of tea in bed.  (That’s Oregon. I just like this photo.) I’m about halfway through my God Time and I’m thinking I’m so glad I got up early because I know, without any doubt, my days go better when I’ve spent time with the Big Guy upstairs.  But, […]

A God Rampage

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